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NOTE:  Additional Classes can be scheduled if there are four (4) students registered with a non-refundable pre-payment.
Bette Heller has been communicating with animals since 1998.  She offers Psychic Readings for people and animals, living or in spirit.  Her goal is to help People and their Animal Companions attain a greater understanding of one another, and live together in peace and harmony.
Heather Thompson has been communicating with animals since 2008.  She is an energy worker and does a variety of energy work on animals, in person and remotely.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Medical Intuitive, and a Reflexology Teacher.
Introduction (or Basics) To Animal Communication
Do you ever wonder what your animal companions are thinking? Do you talk to your animals and wish that they would respond in kind? Well, they are!!! You just need to learn to hear them. In this class, we will learn the basics of how to tap into our innate abilities for telepathic communication and how to tune into what your living animals are saying.

Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring photograph(s) of living animal(s) that they would like to communicate with.
Animal Communication Level II (Mediumship)
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Animal Communication.

In this class, we will learn: (1) how to communicate with animals who are ready to transition (die) and how to talk to their people about it; and (2) how to communicate with animals that have transitioned/passed on (died). This can be helpful in many ways, including: Often Animals are ready to transition, but are reluctant to do so because they are worried about their people; Often people are in denial about the fact that it is time to let their animals move on; People need help in dealing with the impending loss of an Animal Companion; Many people still grieve for their lost Animal Companion and need closure; and Deceased Animals can give us insight into the issues and problems of Living Animals.

Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring photograph(s) of animal(s) that they would like to communicate with that are either transitioning or are no longer living .
Animal Communication Level III (Medical Intuitive)
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Animal Communication.

In this class, not only will we practice communicating with animals that are living, we will learn to and practice how to scan their bodies to determine if they have any energy blocks that could be causing health problems. If so, we will locate where the energy block is in their body, and find out what we can do to assist in their healing process.
Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring a photograph of a living animal that they know or suspect has a health issue, or that they want to scan for possible health issues.
Conversational Animal Communication
Pre-requisite: Introduction to Animal Communication (Level I), Mediumship (Level II) and Medical Intuitive (Level III) .

In each of the prior classes, we teach students to get "hits" (short tidbits) of information from animals.  In this NEW class, we will teach students how to sustain an in-depth conversation with animals.  This class will contain very little lecture and almost all practice - coaching students through the logistics and techniques of having an in-depth conversation - what to say or ask, and how to draw the animal into an active conversation.
Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring a photograph of any animal that they wish to communicate with (living or in spirit).
Energetic Boundaries and Protection
Instructor:  Bette Heller
Do certain people seem to energize you, while others seem to drain your energy?  Do you feel tired or just “off” after being around a group of people?  Opening your intuitive/psychic abilities results in being more sensitive to both positive and negative energies.  Learn (a) how to allow the positive in and keep that good feeling; and (b) how to keep the negative out and remove it if it creeps into your energy field. 
This is an interactive class where students are encouraged to discuss their intuitive experiences and challenges, and will be given tools and techniques to help them deal with those challenges. 
Contact Bette to sign up at  or 303-898-8962
Basics of Starting an Animal Communication Business - What You Need To Know To Be Successful
Instructors - Joyce Leake and Bette Heller
Pre-requisites:   Introduction to Animal Communication (Level I), Mediumship (Level II), and Medical Intuitive (Level III).
This class is a must for those that are either interested in starting any Intuitive Business, or who have already done so but want to make it better.  We will discuss:
- How to decide on your niche - what services do you want to provide?
- How will you perform your services – location, hours?
- How to create a business plan
- How to determine who your clients will be
- How to market to potential clients
- What things are necessary from a legal or income tax aspect
​- How to take care of yourself
We will include a couple of Guided Meditations to help you make these decisions.
Angel and Animal Messages  (NEW CLASS)
Instructor - Jim Chaput
Pre-requisites:   Introduction to Animal Communication (Level I)
Learn a new technique to help with Animal Communication and Angel Messages with Jim Chaput's SIMPLE and INTUITIVE method of using his new "Second Sight" tarot deck.  Whether you use tarot cards in your intuitive work, or just want to play around with them for fun, this class is for you!! 
Class fee includes a free deck of Jim Chaput's "Second Sight" tarot cards, accompanying booklet, and a workbook.
Contact Bette to sign up at  or 303-898-8962
Bette Heller has written several home study classes on subjects which will enhance your Animal Communication experience.  Those classes are available by contacting Bette (see "Contact Me" Tab) and include:
- How to protect your Animals in case of your Incapacity or Death, by Bette Heller, Attorney and Animal Communicator
- Energetic Boundaries and Protection, by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator
- Automatic Writing, by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator
- Validation Tools: Muscle Testing and Pendulum, by Bette Heller and Heather Thompson, Animal Communicators
- Anatomy and Physiology of Animals, by Bette Heller
- Meditation, How it Defines and Opens your Intuitive Communication, by Jean Skyfeather
- Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals, by Jeanna Anderson, Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils



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The Perfect Gift for Birthday, Holiday, or Special Occasion for your animal-loving friends and family is a Gift Certificate for a conversation with their animal(s) by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator !!! Send an email to Bette for details.

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