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Bette Heller drafted the Colorado Pets Trust Statute in 1994.  Bette has also written many informative articles that have been published on various websites and blogs.  She is an accomplished writer with a wealth of knowledge to share.
Posted below are pdf documents of some of Bette's writing, as well as articles by other authors which are informative.  Take some time and check them out.
Bette is the Director of Student Studies for Animal University, an on-line school for Animal Communication developed by Bette's Mentor and Close Friend, Joyce Leake.  Bette has not only arranged for, but also written several classes for Animal University on subjects which will enhance your Animal Communication experience.  Those classes are available at  and include:
- How to protect your Animals in case of your Incapacity or Death, by Bette Heller, Attorney and Animal Communicator
- Energetic Boundaries and Protection, by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator
- Automatic Writing, by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator
- Validation Tools: Muscle Testing and Pendulum, by Bette Heller and Heather Thompson, Animal Communicators
- Anatomy and Physiology of Animals, by Bette Heller, Animal Communicator
- Meditation, How it Defines and Opens your Intuitive Communication, by Jean Skyfeather, Intuitive
- Introduction to Essential Oils for Animals, by Jeanna Anderson, Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils
Estate Planning For your Pets by Bette Heller
Mourning The Loss of a Beloved Pet - author unknown
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